Aroma: Conversations about Scripture

Look "over the shoulder" of a
14 week discussion group

Attend all 14 sessions like a fly on the wall
You get 1 session each day for 14 days.


Aroma is a "Coffee with Megan" true story from the point of view of one struggling young woman who is wanting to grow and learn.  It's about reading the scriptures in the midst of life and how the two relate to each other.

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A Word to the Wise:

Don't do this if you expect the typical approach to Bible reading.  It's different, it's challenging, and it's not for everybody. 

If you can't "stick with something" that goes beyond what you already know or are comfortable with, you won't like this.   The first 7 weeks set up the study;  it's the last 7 weeks that you'll see the payoff!

This WON'T be
"devotion as usual." 

This WILL require
that you kick your imagination into gear. 



Do you really want more from Bible study?
or are you just talkin'?

If all you want is another devotional book, then stop reading.  You won't be interested in this.

. . . but if you want a genuine Bible study challenge, keep going. 

1. You'll be looking over the shoulder of a real discussion group about reading the Bible.    It's like a 14 day course, but it's not a classroom, or a fill-in-the-blank, or a test-taking approach.  You'll be like a "fly on the wall" in the coffee shop where this group is meeting. 

2. You'll start at the beginning.  You'll be  watching a 20's something young woman named Megan, and her friend Jason, who are spiritually searching for what's “going on” in the wider-world of effective Bible reading.  They're trying to find ways to take their Christian devotional life to the next level.  You will watch and listen as they explore the world of a conversational approach to the scriptures. 

In other words, this is a story--a true story, and it is told like a story.  Like the Joseph story in Genesis, or the Moses, or Abraham, or Jesus story.  One reader complained that he just wanted the facts, not "romance novel."  I had to laugh.  Some people think Bible study is nothing more the fill in the blanks and facts.   

This is a story.  A true story.

3. You'll participate in a few responsible conversations over Scripture and cover territory that is usually left out of many Bible devotions and Bible reading approaches:

  • the magnitude of reading contextually and responsibly,

  • the value of seeing English translations as attempts to understand,

  • how to do word studies or comparing one part of Scripture to another,

  • the usefulness of reading other ancient books along with the Bible,

  • the joy of tapping deeply into areas of Scripture that most people rarely or never go,

  • and more.

Each session is thoroughly rooted in interactions with the scriptures.  Refreshing and uplifting, these come with an up-to-the-minute way to take action, and you can respond to each session.

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Here's what other readers are saying . . .

After reading the first couple of sessions of "Aroma" I found myself looking forward with anticipation to the next session! Gary's tactful and insightful way of drawing the reader into the lives of the present day characters, as well as working through situations in their lives that all of us can identify with in our own lives, gives us a fresh new insight into how relevant the Word of God can be for our daily living. I sense in this series the work of the Holy Spirit opening up to the reader a fresh new approach for understanding and applying God's Word to our daily lives!
James Steele

The conversational style adds realism and relevance.
Richard Kruse

I enjoyed this walk with paul it brought up some very good ideas and showed me areas that I need to improve thanks for your help.
Hubert Hall

I like the approach that you took with these devotions. It made the lessons more personal. I’m sure that most of us would say that there was something along the way that touched us in a meaningful manner. At least for me, there was some aspect each time that mirrored something in my own journey as an individual pursuing my faith.
David McConchie







If you really want more,
don't settle for less. 


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